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Affordable health insurance for your employees

With the labor force shortage being felt locally and across the county, it’s more important than ever to attract and retain loyal employees. One way to do this is by offering excellent benefits, like health insurance that’s affordable and meets their needs.

Employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers insurance benefits that fits their budget and lifestyle. When this happens, satisfaction and morale are boosted, and having happy employees who are content with their jobs and health benefits is good for your bottom line.

Your employees are our priority

MercyCare Health Plans offers affordable, comprehensive health care plans to give your employees access to life-enhancing programs and supportive, state-of-the-art health care services.

In Illinois, MercyCare offers health plans to large group employers living in Boone and Winnebago counties.

We offer health plans with comprehensive benefits

With MercyCare, your employees will have access to over 125 services at Mercyhealth's seven hospitals and 85 primary and specialty care locations throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

Plus, convenient no- and low-cost services mean there are no hidden costs or surprise bills for your employees.

Zero-cost services

  • Generic/maintenance medications from Mercyhealth pharmacies
  • Preventive care
  • Primary care visits
  • Mental health office visits
  • E-visits through Mercyhealth MyChart
  • Labs and X-rays
  • Annual vision/hearing exams
  • Ambulance service
  • Employee Assistance Program (via phone)
  • Occupational health and wellness mobile health clinic

Low-cost services

  • Specialist office visits
  • Chiropractic visits
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
  • Urgent care

Incentives that lead to healthier, more productive employees

Healthy employees are good for your bottom line. Healthier workers take less sick days and absences, they can retain focus and achieve more while having access to health care resources when needed.

The Stay Healthy Incentive Program benefit provides enhanced reimbursement incentives when members complete various activities that improves their general health and reduces their cost-sharing for certain covered services.

For the subscriber and his or her covered dependents age 18 and over, MercyCare will reimburse up to $50 per activity below; max $200 per subscriber, max $400 per family.

Reimbursable activities include:

Exceptional health care for almost every need

MercyCare has been providing dependable, quality, affordable health care coverage since 1994.

MercyCare Health Plans and Mercyhealth together offer a complete continuum of health care services readily available to its members close to home.

Choosing a health care provider is a very important decision. Your employees want someone they can trust who provides excellent communication and support in addition to exceptional expertise.

At Mercyhealth, our doctors, nurses and staff are committed to making lives better for our patients and their families. They bring knowledge and innovation to ensure that our patients receive world-class health care. From the hospital to home, our integrated health system offers high-quality care at every step of the health journey.

Benefits of choosing an integrated health system

As an integrated health system, we provide exceptional, coordinated health care for almost every need. Integration improves access to services, technology and treatments, and leads to better outcomes.

Hospital-based services: When you or a loved one are sick or injured, you want expert doctors, state-of-the-art technology, a compassionate medical team and comfortable surroundings. Mercyhealth provides this and much more.

Mercyhealth has hospitals in Rockford and Harvard, Illinois, and Janesville and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. In early 2023, we will open a new hospital in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Clinic-based services: Mercyhealth offers convenient care close to where your employees live, work and play. With four dozen clinics and hundreds of primary and specialty care doctors throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, care is always close by.

Post-acute care and retail services: From home health and hospice services, to pharmacies, to medical equipment and supplies, we've got your employees covered.