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Medicaid Advocate

MercyCare HMO has a Member Advocate to help you get the care you need. You should contact your Member Advocate for help with any questions about getting health care and solving any problems you may have getting health care from MercyCare HMO. You can reach the Member Advocate at (608) 758-7734.

PHE Unwinding-Medicaid

BadgerCare- You Still Have Your Benefits

BadgerCare- Access App Information

BadgerCare- Access App Information

BadgerCare- Update Your Information

Badgercare Health Care Renewals

Medicaid Member Handbook

Medicaid Member Handbook- Regular Font

Medicaid Member Handbook- Large Font

Medicaid Member Handbook - Spanish Version

Medicaid Member Annual Survey

Thank you for choosing MercyCare HMO as your health care partner. Please take a moment to fill out our Medicaid Member Satisfaction Survey. We make member service changes based on your feedback. If you would like a paper copy of this survey, please contact the Medicaid Advocate at (608) 758-7734 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

Take Our Survey

Additional information

Walworth County Residents – Medicaid Members Notice

Edgerton Residents – Medicaid Members Notice

Emergency or Urgent Care: Know where to go

Healthy pregnancy and birth information

MercyCare is committed to helping our members achieve a healthy birth outcome. See your health care provider if you know you are pregnant and follow their recommendations throughout your pregnancy.

  • MercyCare’s Healthy Babies is offered to pregnant MercyCare Medicaid members who enroll before their 16th week of pregnancy. In the program, you work with your OB provider to ensure that you have the best possible pregnancy experience and a healthy baby. Please call (608) 314-3582 or email to sign up for this program.

It is important to return to your doctor within six weeks after your childbirth for a postpartum checkup.

Dental, chiropractic and prescription coverage

For questions on your dental, chiropractic or prescription coverage call (800) 362-3002. This number can also be found on the back of your ForwardHealth card.

Managing your state of Wisconsin benefits

Make changes to your personal information, request a replacement ForwardHealth card or apply for new benefits by visiting ACCESS Wisconsin | Apply for and manage state of Wisconsin benefits or by calling ForwardHealth directly at (800) 362-3002.

Ombuds for Badgercare Plus HMO members

As a member of BadgerCare Plus HMO, you may call an ombud anytime during your HMO enrollment. An ombud is a person who responds to grievances from Medicaid HMO members. Please click on the links below for more information:

Additional BadgerCare Plus resources

Please visit the ForwardHealth Portal ( or call (800) 362-3002.