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Workplace wellness & HRA

MercyCare Health Plans shares your goal of lower health care costs and believes healthy workers are the most productive. We feel this is best accomplished with on-site wellness programs that not only focus on managing employees with known illnesses, but also screening and preventing common illnesses. View the links below to find out how we can partner with your company to help you live well.

Health risk assessment (HRA)


MercyCare Health Plans HRA program is available online for easier access. An HRA is a short, confidential survey designed to assess your health status through a “wellness score” and “health age” that reflects lifestyle habits and current health. See below for a link to a sample member report with survey questions.

Our HRA reports help businesses understand the health status and productivity of their employees. Businesses do not receive individual employee data. The following reports are available at no cost when you have 20 or more employees/spouses enrolled in MercyCare Health Plans who complete the HRA:

  • Executive summary: Prioritizes risk factors and recommendations for health improvement programs based on the needs of the group. View a sample report.

How can you increase the effectiveness of your HRA?

HRA details

Please call 608.758.7711 for more information on getting a group report.

Additional information

Using incentives

The more employees who take the HRA, the more accurately the report represents your workforce. We highly encourage employers to offer incentives to their employees who complete the assessment. There are many types of incentives, ranging from drawings to health premium reduction.
Incentive flyer

Health and wellness consultation

MercyCare Health Plans works with our insured companies to promote health and wellness in the workplace. We would like to partner with you to plan workplace wellness activities! Please contact our sales team at 800.895.2421 for more information.

Helpful resources

Wellness Council of America
A resource for worksite wellness, the Wellness Council of America is dedicated to helping organizations of all kinds build and sustain results-oriented wellness programs.

Wellness Council of Wisconsin
The Wellness Council is the only nonprofit organization in Wisconsin dedicated exclusively to helping employers design results-oriented wellness programs to maximize the health and productivity of their most valuable asset—their employees.

Promote a healthier you

  • Develop a commitment to regular physical activity.
  • Move toward a healthier eating pattern.
  • Set realistic goals to encourage good physical activity and healthy eating habits for a lifetime.
  • Manage your stress and mental health.

Dietary guidelines for Americans

Physical activity guidelines for Americans