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Stay Healthy Incentive (SHI) Program

Stay Healthy Incentive (SHI) Program benefit

To qualify, your employer must be an Illinois large group with the stay healthy incentive rider, which you can find in the “My Plan Documents” portal. Search portal – and enter group number (found on your ID card).

The Stay Healthy Incentive Program benefit provides enhanced reimbursement incentives when you complete various activities to improve your general health and reduces your cost-sharing for certain covered services.

Reimbursement amounts

For the subscriber and his or her covered dependents age 18 and over, MercyCare will reimburse up to $50 per activity below; max $200 per subscriber, max $400 per family.

Reimbursable activities

 Complete an annual visit with your primary care provider who is in MercyCare’s provider network
Complete a preventive service
Set up a mail-order prescription or set up a Med Sync plan with a Mercyhealth pharmacy
 Complete your biometric screening
 Complete a metabolic panel, complete blood count and hemoglobin A1C lab work
 Complete a health risk assessment (HRA)
 Complete a smoking-cessation or weight-loss program
 Complete other wellness activities
 Customized incentive developed in partnership with the group to improve general health


Send completed form and proof of completion to:

MercyCare HMO, Inc.
PO Box 550
Janesville WI 53547
Fax: 608.741.5238